Fair and Transparent Government

Alison and the Greens will always push for greater transparency in the way Governments deliberate, make decisions and implement policies and actions, to ensure the public can hold Governments accountable.

A key element to achieving this is to implement real-time transparency by giving the community access to information about who Ministers and the Premier are meeting with. We must stop the revolving door of industry executives turning into Ministerial advisors; and Ministers becoming lobbyists or retiring from Government to take up posts in the industry they were regulating only moments ago.

The only way to restore public trust in Government is to remove undue influence from every element of Government processes. This means cleaning up the political donations regime, and passing Alison’s ‘Cash for Access’ bill, which will unlink payments to political parties with the opportunity to meet with decision makers. Industry and Government must be kept completely separate.   

Fair and Transparent Government is a key issue for Alison, dating back to her time in the 38th Parliament.