Resumed from 18 March. The Chair of Committees (Hon Simon O’Brien) in the chair; Hon Alanna Clohesy, (Parliamentary Secretary) in charge of the bill.

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Comments and speeches by various members

Hon ALISON XAMON: I asked some questions during the second reading debate that I was hoping to get answers to in the parliamentary secretary’s second reading reply, but, unfortunately, they were not answered at that time, so I hope I can get some answers to them now. As the parliamentary secretary is aware, I am particularly concerned about the transparency provisions in the bill and I want to confirm some key components around that. I asked these questions during the briefing, but I am keen to get them on the record if, indeed, the answers I was given were correct.

Firstly, can I confirm that with the transparency provisions for the functioning of the fund, our freedom of information system will apply in the usual way?

Hon ALANNA CLOHESY: The answer to that is yes.

Hon ALISON XAMON: Excellent. Can the parliamentary secretary confirm for the record that section 4 of the Parliamentary Privileges Act, which allows Parliament and the committees to summon people to attend or produce, also applies?

Hon ALANNA CLOHESY: I am advised that yes, it does apply.

Hon ALISON XAMON: Can the parliamentary secretary also confirm for the record that, unlike the commonwealth, this state will not be able to invest in shares through this fund and therefore money in the fund and the account will definitely not be invested in tobacco, cluster munitions, alcohol or junk food?

Hon ALANNA CLOHESY: The answer to both those questions is: correct; they will not be.

Hon ALISON XAMON: Finally, I raised some concerns about the lack of progress on privacy laws and that that was leading to the possibility of us missing out on the opportunity for international research programs in particular. I asked for some idea of the progress of those privacy laws that are being undertaken by the Department of Health and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet to best ensure that the provisions within this bill can be enacted.

Comments and speeches by various members

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