Fair and Transparent Government

Worrying lack of rules or requirements for government spending of almost $300 million in grant money

Greens spokesperson for Integrity Alison Xamon MLC expressed serious concerns over the findings of the Auditor General's report into Grants Administration which was publicly released today.

"The Auditor General identified a worrying ongoing lack of rules, requirements or guidelines to assess and fund grants across public agencies, including election commitment grants," said Ms Xamon.

Ms Xamon said that only 2 of the 8 public agencies audited had good grant administration practices across all of the audit criteria.

Records and accountability

Keeping records of Government activities is vital to ensuring transparency in Government, and holding Governments accountable. Unfortunately, the State Records Office of Western Australia is and has been since its inception 20 years ago, drastically underfunded and unable to perform its core function.


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