Western Australia should have a high quality public education system that is accessible to all members of our community and is recognised as among the best in the world. Schools should be appropriately resourced, including to provide high quality infrastructure, and to attract and retain outstanding teaching staff. The quality of schools and the learning outcomes of students should not be dependent on wealth or location.

Alison has called for the establishment of an independent schools’ commission to enable decision-making, in particular regarding the locations of new schools or closures of older schools, to be based on independent expert opinion, rather than on political whim. 

Ensuring our young people feel safe and included at school is key to their wellbeing. Alison has introduced a bill to Parliament which seeks to prevent private religious schools from refusing to enrol or excluding children and young people who identify as LGBTIQ. Alison is also a proud supporter of the Inclusive Education Program, which draws on the principles of inclusion set out as part of the now completed Safe Schools Coalition initiative.

Alison will always advocate for improved support for children and young people in schools, including specialised support for First Nations children, children with disability and/or learning difficulties, those in remote areas, and those in the youth justice system.