Stop the ISWA move

Better planning for Western suburbs education

Moving the International School of Western Australia (ISWA) to the Doubleview Primary School site was part of the former Government’s western suburbs schools strategy; a plan which was intended to free up the City Beach Senior High School site so that it may be re-opened in the future to cater for the projected population growth in the area.

The current Government has since scrapped that plan and is instead building a new public school at Kitchener Park in Subiaco – thereby removing any justification for spending more than $20 million to continue with the ISWA move. Despite it now being unnecessary, the project to move ISWA is now underway.

Mature trees have been removed at the primary school site and green space reduced, much to the dismay of the Doubleview community. This is a community already far below the recommended minimum public open space and has already lost a large chunk of public open space due to this project and stands to lose more as the project continues.

The Government has been unable to provide any believable explanation for its decisions. It has also refused to confirm its intentions for the City Beach High School site. Its history of poor decision making and lack of community consultation in the education portfolio has created great distrust in the community.

I have been speaking in Parliament about my concerns about the ISWA move and related issues, since the beginning of my Parliamentary term and will continue to work with the community.