Continued uncertainty over future of NDIS must end

The Greens have today criticised the Government for failing to provide a clear timeframe for the WA NDIS roll-out.

Spokesperson for Disability Alison Xamon MLC said it was unacceptable to continue to keep people in the dark about when a decision was expected.  

Ms Xamon said the uncertainty also extended to consumer agencies, which could not spend existing grants funding which is meant to help build capacity ahead of the announcement.

She said agencies were in limbo because they could not apply for new funding.

“While the Government may not be provide an exact date for the announcement, if they would give a sense of the milestone the decision is tied to, this would be very helpful for people with disabilities and agencies,” Ms Xamon said.

“Are they anticipating delivering the decision in three months? Six?”

“This information would at least give consumer organisations an idea of timeframes they need to plan to.

“This has gone on for far too long already – people need certainty and they are asking for it now.”