Child Protection

Note: the Child Protection Portfolio has merged within the Children and Youth Portfolio. We are currently organising the content to reflect this.

All children have a right to a loving and nurturing environment free of neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, exploitation or discrimination.

The number of children and young people, including in particular Aboriginal children and young people, in out of home care in Western Australia has reached alarming levels. It is essential we invest in general parenting support initiatives and targeted early intervention strategies to help vulnerable families stay together and our children to thrive.

Where children are placed into out of home care, they should be provided with stable placements that allow them to thrive, including specific support in the lead up to and after they turn 18.

Alison has worked closely with foster carers, including grand-carers and families in informal caring arrangements, to increase public recognition of the vital work they do, and to help advocate for increased funding and support.

Alison will continue to advocate for a strong child protection system that supports families and ensures children and young people are safe and cared for.

We now know that many children in out of home care in Western Australia, including former child migrants, members of the stolen generation and the forgotten Australians, experienced unspeakable treatment and abuse and, for many, this damage continues to mar their adult life.

Alison will continue her work advocating for appropriate redress and ongoing support for victims of abuse in out of home care and other institutional settings.