Standing Orders Suspension — Motion

HON SUE ELLERY (South Metropolitan — Leader of the House) [10.13 am] — without notice: I move —

That so much of standing orders be suspended as to enable the following variations to the order of business and sitting times for next week —

(1) Tuesday, 4 December —

(a) the Council to sit at 1.00 pm; and

(2) Wednesday, 5 December —

(a)  no motions on notice;

(b)  no consideration of committee reports;

(c)  the Council to sit after 6.20 pm and suspend sittings between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm; and

(d)  members’ statements to be taken at 9.45 pm.

If I may, this government has followed the practice of previous governments of identifying in advance to members of the house, in the lead-up to a break in the sittings, the priority legislation the government seeks the house to deal with prior to the house rising. I provided members of the house with that priority list. It is legislation that is prioritised for policy purposes, financial purposes or for the purposes of giving effect to the government’s election commitments. I followed the practice that I have followed for the past 20 months and the practice of previous governments. I have asked members for their preferences in respect of how we accommodate additional hours in order to give effect to that, and the motion I am moving today takes on board the suggestions and recommendations of members of the house.

[Speeches and comments from various members]

HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [10.19 am]: I indicate, on behalf of the Greens, that we are prepared to support this motion. I note that discussion has taken place behind the Chair and that consultation has occurred with us. Having said that, as I always say in this place, the Greens make it clear that we will nevertheless take as long as we need to deal with each piece of legislation, but no longer. We will see how we go in respect of the progress of the stated legislative agenda.

Question put.

The PRESIDENT: Members, you will be aware that this type of motion requires an absolute majority and because there has been a dissenting voice, I call for a division.


Division taken with the following result —

Ayes (25)

Noes (7)

Question thus passed with an absolute majority.


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