337. Hon ALISON XAMON to the minister representing the Minister for Police:

I refer to the gay and lesbian liaison officer programs run by the New South Wales, South Australian, Queensland and Victorian police and the Australian Federal Police services.

(1)  Will the WA Police Force implement a gay and lesbian liaison officer program informed by the other states?

(2)  If yes to (1)—

(a)  how will the program be rolled out; and

(b)  when will the program begin?

(3)  If no to (1), why not?

(4)  What crime prevention measures are in place to build rapport with the LGBTIQ community to encourage reporting of incidents?

(5)  Have these measures had an impact on the number of LGBTIQ people reporting incidents?


I thank the honourable member for some notice of this question. The following information has been provided to me by the Minister for Police.

(1)  The community engagement division within judicial services regularly engages with the Western Australian LGBTIQ community to build confidence in policing services. This includes publication of targeted communication material, online surveys to determine community concerns and feedback, and participation in the annual Pride Parade, Fairday and other events. A liaison officer program of the nature referred to has not been considered.

(2)  Not applicable.

(3)  It is not a matter that has been considered at this point.

(4)  Incidents are reported through standard crime reporting pathways. Police officers are trained and encouraged to build relationships with all members of the community to establish trust and a safe pathway to have incidents resolved. The community engagement division works to build stronger awareness both in the community and with police officers through relationship and capacity building.

(5)  The impact of any police engagement is difficult to measure and currently the WA Police Force does not measure activity specific to the LGBTIQ community.


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