Mental Health and the 10-Year Plan

The Western Australian mental health system is failing to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of our society. There are many gaps in services; demand is growing and, despite Government investment in some areas, it is nowhere near enough. The 10-Year Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs Services Plan was devised through extensive consultation from within the sector, to plan for the state’s anticipated services needs for the decade from 2015.

The plan is premised on the fact that unless urgent priority is given to rebalancing the mental health system, with an emphasis on community-managed mental health services, more and more people will reach crisis point and be in need of emergency level care. This will not only have a huge human cost for Western Australian families, but will cost the state much more in the long run. Unfortunately, there has been little progress with the implementation of the 10-Year plan. The Government has repeatedly failed to allocate the necessary funding the plan sets out – and the system remains in disarray.

Alison will continue to advocate for full implementation of the 10-Year Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs Services Plan.

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