2814. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Housing:

I refer to the Auditor General’s audit of the Disruptive Behaviour Management Policy, and to recommendation 1(e), that the Department ‘review the mental health referral process to ensure staff are able to direct tenants to appropriate service providers’, and I ask:

(a)  has this review been undertaken; and

(b)  if yes to (a), please advise any changes that have taken place as a result of the review;

(c)  if no to (a), why not?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

(a)  Yes.

The Department of Communities (Communities) has always had procedures in place to ensure clients with a support need are referred to an appropriate service provider. However, for a referral to occur client consent must be obtained. This requirement informed changes which have been implemented to address this recommendation.

(b)  The following specific changes have been introduced:

Communities’ new client support program ‘Thrive’, was launched on 10 October 2019. Thrive is a free and voluntary service that focuses on early intervention and is available to any public housing or Aboriginal housing client with a support need. Thrive caseworkers work with clients to link them with appropriate and local support services.

The creation of an internal support services handbook which contains the contact and referral information for over 250 metropolitan and regional service providers. This resource is used by staff to assist in directing clients to appropriate support services where Thrive is considered unsuitable.

Further enhancements to current practice will also be made following revision of the current process and procedures. This will include further guidance to staff for where a client’s behaviour poses an immediate risk to the safety or security of themselves or others.

(c)  Not Applicable.


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