Young people are invaluable members of our community and should be recognised and respected for the unique and important perspective they contribute.

Young Western Australians should be supported to become empowered and engaged members of the community, including being able to participate meaningfully in decision-making on policies and programs that affect them.

Young people under the age of 18 years should be provided special safeguards and care.

Extending mandatory sentencing provisions to young people undermines these protections. The protection of privacy for young offenders is a fundamental right and one that we need to defend absolutely. Youth Justice detention should be used only as a last resort, and should be available close to a young person’s community.

Alison has a strong history advocating for young people to have access to services and programs appropriate to their age and development, including:

Health services

Mental health services

Legal services

Youth justice prevention and diversion courts and programs

Training and employment programs


Alison will continue to fight to protect the rights of young people including the right to fair pay and conditions.

Alison is also committed to ensuring that Western Australians have access to the same level of protections as workers in the rest of the country.  She will actively work with the Government to ensure that workplace safety and health laws are updated to reflect the highest standards.