1103. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Corrective Services:

I refer to the review of the Young Offenders Act 1994, and to the response to my question of 6 September 2017, and I ask:

(a)  would the Minister please advise the current status of the review;

(b)  will further consultation be undertaken as part of the review given the Machinery of Government changes;

(c)  if yes to (b), who will be consulted;

(d)  when is it anticipated the review will be finalised; and

(e)  when is it anticipated the findings of the review will be made public?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

(a)–(e) The review of the Young Offenders Act 1994 is currently on hold pending the outcome of Machinery of Government changes that may impact on the future of the Act.


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