Training and TAFE

A strong publicly funded training system is vital for economic growth and community development. Western Australia’s TAFE system has been gutted by years of underfunding, casualisation of teaching staff, and course closures. Fees have increased a shocking 300 per cent since 2013. As a result TAFE education is unaffordable or simply inaccessible for many Western Australians.

After more than two years of massive job losses, more and more Western Australians are in need of affordable, quality technical and further education. In this period post the mining boom, investment in training services is essential to address issues of disadvantage and unemployment. People who are unemployed should not find it too difficult, or unaffordable, to gain new skills within our public TAFE system. It is important that we do all we can to enable people to access TAFE and to encourage as many people as possible into meaningful employment.