Seniors and Aging

The vision of the Greens is for a Western Australia in which seniors are healthier, feel secure and are valued and active participants in all aspects of community life.  To achieve this vision, Alison and the Greens believe a positive approach to the ageing of our population is needed.

The best way to elevate the needs of seniors in government decision making is through the establishment of a cabinet portfolio for seniors along with a policy unit for aging to develop and implement policies for older Australians across the whole of government.  Such a policy unit will be able to assess the impact of legislation on seniors and put in place measures to ensure the needs of seniors are taken into account.

Alison is committed to promoting the importance of older Australians having adequate means as well as access to assistance to enable them to understand their financial needs and management of money. She will continue to advocate for increased funding for community organisations to represent and service seniors and their carers to enable them to provide free information, advice and advocacy services.