2584. Hon Alison Xamon to the Minister for Education and Training:

I refer to the planned development of Sunningdale Primary School in Yanchep, and I ask:

(a)  could the Minister please advise the anticipated enrolments for this school for each of the first five years of operation, with the expected cohorts for each year;

(b)  could the Minister please provide the boundaries of the zoned intake area of this primary school;

(c)  could the Minister please advise the likely locations and construction timeframes of any other primary schools to be constructed in Yanchep;

(d)  could the Minister please advise if any consideration has been made of locating the school near the new sporting facilities at Splendid Park; and

(e)  could the Minister please table any and all advice that has been received from WaterCorp regarding the impact on the mains water pressure and sewerage systems of surrounding residents?

Hon Sue Ellery replied:

(a)  Based on Semester 1, 2019 student enrolments, the projected enrolments at the new Sunningdale Primary School (planning name), which will open in 2021, is:


K PP 1 2 3 4 5 6



28 25 22 28 18 13 8 3 145


30 30 27 24 30 20 15 9 185


37 37 37 33 30 36 26 20 256


44 44 44 43 39 36 41 31 323


51 51 51 50 49 45 42 47 386

(b)  The local-intake area for the new Sunningdale Primary School (planning name) is yet to be finalised. The local-intake area will be published in the Government Gazette before June 2020.

(c)  The Department has identified four further sites in the locality of Yanchep for possible future primary schools. The future sites are outlined below:

Yanchep (St Andrews) East (planning name) – Yanchep Beach Road, near Greenside Drive;

Yanchep East (planning name) – 351 Yanchep Beach Road;

Yanchep South (planning name) – 3523 Marmion Avenue; and

Yanchep (Capricorn) North (planning name) – Parktree Avenue and Biara Road.

No decision has been made regarding the timing for establishing future primary schools at these sites.

(d)  The Department has primary schools located west (Yanchep Beach Primary School) and east (Sunningdale Primary School [planning name]) of Splendid Park. At this time, the Department does not have a planned primary school site next to Splendid Park. The future primary school sites identified in the response to part (c) are all adjoining public open space, with the ability for shared sporting ovals/facilities, subject to an agreement with the relevant local government authority.

(e)  The Water Corporation did not raise any concerns regarding the impact on the mains water pressure and sewerage systems of surrounding residents. The Water Corporation approved water, fire service and sewer connection for the proposed primary school and confirmed the design of the services is compliant with its requirements.


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