2800. Hon Alison Xamon to the Minister for Education and Training:

I refer to Bob Hawke’s physical education program and the community understanding that physical education courses will not be offered to senior students, and I ask:

(a) will physical education courses be offered to Year 11 and 12 students at the school:

(i) if no to (a), what modality(–ies) will be offered to senior students to enable them to study physical education courses;

(b)  will any physical education facilities be shared between Bob Hawke College and Perth Modern School; and

(c)  if yes to (b), please identify:

(i)  what facilities will be shared;

(ii)  where will they be located?

Hon Sue Ellery replied:

(a) Yes. Year 11 will not commence at Bob Hawke College until 2024, and Year 12 in 2025. (i) Not applicable.

(b)  There are currently no plans to share physical education facilities between Bob Hawke College and Perth Modern School.

(c)  (i)–(ii) Not applicable.


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