3068. Hon Alison Xamon to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Health:

I refer to Ainslie House at Royal Perth Hospital, and I ask:

(a)  does the Western Australian State Government plan to undertake any redevelopment of this site; and

(b)  if yes to (a):

(i)  please provide information about the nature of any redevelopment;

(ii)  what is the anticipated timeframe;

(iii)  how much money has been budgeted;

(iv)  will any new services be offered at Ainslie House; and

(v)  if yes to (b)(iv):

(A)  what services; and

(B)  who is it intended will deliver the services?

Hon Alanna Clohesy replied:

I am advised:

(a)–(b) Ainslie House is currently the subject of a Market-led Proposal (MLP). The State is currently evaluating this proposal, consistent with the requirements of the MLP Policy.

Proposal title – Second Home Innovation Hub at Ainslie House

Status – Invited to Stage 2 of the MLP Process, with the ability to negotiate on an exclusive basis

Proponent – Hesperia Property Pty Ltd (formerly Fini Group Pty Ltd and Linc Property Pty Ltd (“the Consortium”)

Industry: Property and Innovation

Governance for Stage 2: Centrally-led by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage Description: The proposal seeks to establish a Second Home Innovation Hub at Ainslie House

Current status: Proposal has a reasonable prospect of meeting all the criteria of the MLP Policy and has been invited to complete a full business case with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.


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