Registration of Social Workers

In line with calls from the Australian Association of Social Workers, Alison has been calling for the registration of the social work profession. Social workers are highly trained professionals with degree qualifications. They are trained to deal appropriately with people who are at great risk, and often experiencing serious mental health issues. If social workers were not well-trained, there is a great risk that vulnerable people could receive substandard or unethical care.

The Australian College of Social Workers currently offers a voluntary registration framework for professionals in the sector across Australia. But only one-third of people calling themselves social workers are registered. Social workers are dedicated to improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. They are not paid a great amount, and they deserve our respect. People who have not been adequately trained should not be allowed to call themselves social workers, or to operate as such. People’s lives are in social workers’ hands.

Alison will continue to raise the very important issue of registration for social workers.

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