1427. Hon ALISON XAMON to the minister representing the Minister for Racing and Gaming:

I refer to the racehorse welfare plan.

(1)  Will the minister please advise whether the establishment of a Western Australian racehorse passport will prevent any WA animals from being sent interstate or overseas?

(2)  If not, can the minister advise if the racehorse passport system will enable horses to be tracked beyond WA borders and what protections may exist for those horses sent outside the state?


I thank the member for the question. The Minister for Racing and Gaming has provided the following information.

(1)  No. However, the expectation of the national traceability register will be to ensure that racehorses can be tracked across state borders. Export overseas is not under the control of states or territories. However, the minister has advocated to the federal Minister for Agriculture that the export of greyhounds overseas be reconsidered, and will do the same for racehorses should any issues of mistreatment of the animals in particular countries be raised.

(2)  No. However, all racing ministers have called on the commonwealth government to implement and oversee a national traceability register, which will be able to track the movement of horses beyond the Western Australian borders. This work is the highest priority in integrity and welfare of the Western Australian racing industry and the minister will continue to pursue this through the federal government until Australian standards for racehorses are exemplary.


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