HON NICK GOIRAN (South Metropolitan) [ 10.05 am ]: I move —

That this council —

(a) recognises that this is National Palliative Care Week;

(b) acknowledges the ongoing efforts of Palliative Care Australia and Palliative Care WA;

(c) notes this year’s theme is “You matter, your care matters. Palliative Care can make a difference”; and


HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [ 6.30 pm ]: I rise because I want to make a few comments that I did not have the opportunity to make in the debate today around climate change. I am quite pleased that I did not get the opportunity to speak during the debate because so many members decided to stand and speak. I think that is very positive. I also want to express my pleasure at the fact that nobody who spoke questioned the very science of climate change, which is refreshing. It augurs quite well for our attempts to deal with this monstrous issue for our times.


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