Fair and Transparent Government


HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [10.11 pm]: I rise tonight because I want to make some comments about the State Records Office of Western Australia. The last time I rose to talk about the State Records Office I noted that it has been inadequately resourced pretty much for the entire time of its existence. The other thing is that there are more than six million government documents held by government agencies either on hand or in third party storage.

Greens renew call to make cash-for-access unlawful

The Greens have today renewed their call for the McGowan Government’s Leaders’ Forum to be made unlawful following revelations that a Chinese property developer has joined the Forum.

Greens spokesperson for Integrity of Government, Hon Alison Xamon MLC, said that the Government’s lack of integrity was clearly evident in the fact that a private meeting with the Premier and Cabinet members could be bought by Leaders’ Forum members for $25,000, or a table at a dinner hosted by Government Minsters for $4,000; money which goes directly to ALP coffers.


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