McGowan Government must take steps to close WA schools

Greens spokesperson for Education Hon Alison Xamon MLC has backed the State School Teachers Union of WA, calling on the WA Government to take immediate action to close WA public schools to the majority of students.

Hon Xamon said it was not known how many students already had COVID-19 – or what the overall rate of infection was, because testing regimes continued to exclude those not showing symptoms.



HON PIERRE YANG (South Metropolitan) [1.03 pm]: According to standing order 57(c), I advise that I have Hon Samantha Rowe’s consent to move the motion that she gave notice of last week. It gives me great pleasure to move —

That this house notes that the reduction in TAFE student fees for high-priority courses supports access to affordable training in targeted areas of projected jobs growth and responds to emerging skills needs.

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