Animal Welfare

Ban Greyhound Racing in WA

Greyhound racing is inherently cruel.  The industry relies on overbreeding of puppies and wastage (a polite term for the euthanasia of animals not suitable for racing) is rife.  Greyhounds that are chosen to race are subject to horrific track injuries that often result in euthanasia.

The Greens strongly believe that the way we treat animals must be sensitive, humane and compassionate.



HON COLIN de GRUSSA (Agricultural) [10.07 am] — without notice: I move —

That the house calls on the government to —

(a)  provide greater protection for the safety and welfare of farmers, families, workers and livestock against animal activists who illegally trespass on private land or interfere with lawful activities, by investigating harsher penalties, stronger regulations or other protections;


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