Animal Welfare

Protect Swan River dolphins

The Swan-Canning riverpark is home to a pod of 19 bottlenose dolphins which, as at September 2018, included nine adult females; seven adult males; seven juveniles and five calves.

The dolphins live in a precarious environment. They are vulnerable to the impacts of decreasing water quality through rubbish pollution and chemical run-off from agriculture. The pod is particularly at risk of entanglement in fishing nets, and injury from boats and other human recreational activity.

Sow Stalls cause injury and distress

Sows (female pigs) in Western Australia are routinely kept in exceptionally small spaces which limit their movement and social interaction, causing injury and distress.

Current Animal Welfare regulations allow for pregnant pigs to be confined to sow stalls – small enclosures surrounded by metal bars measuring just 2.2m long by 0.6m wide – for up to 6 weeks. Anecdotal evidence suggests some piggeries flout these rules and confine sows for the full 16-week duration of their pregnancy.


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