1244. Hon ALISON XAMON to the minister representing the Minister for Police:

I refer to the use of body scanners to reduce the need for intrusive strip searches.

(1)  How many body scanners are currently used by the Western Australia Police Force?

(2)  Where are the scanners located?

(3)  Are all individuals detained at metropolitan police lock-ups subject to a body scan?

(4)  If no to (3), why not?


I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question. This answer has been provided to me by the Minister for Police. The Western Australia Police Force advises the following.

(1)  The Western Australia Police Force uses one body scanner.

(2)  That scanner is located at Perth watch house, Perth Police Centre, 2 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge.

(3)  No.

(4)  All detainees received at the Perth watch house are subject to a body scan unless there are operational reasons why they cannot be, such as detainee behaviour and the associated risks. A body search of a detainee may be required, deeming the body scan unnecessary, based upon charges presented, detainee antecedents or alerts regarding the detainee on the police database.


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