A phased ban on live export

The live export of Australian animals overseas is inherently cruel. Tens of thousands of animals have died on board the export ships of shame. Those that survive the weeks' long journey to the Middle East then fact further suffering through extreme heat, brutal mistreatment and slaughter practices that are illegl in Australia.

The live export industry cannot be made safe for sheep, cattle of any animal.

Alison and the Greens want a phased ban on live export for slaughter, and a just transition supporting workers to a 100% chilled meat export trade. This will reduce unnecessary cruelty and, importantly, create Australian processing jobs.

In the meantime, it is crucial that the ban on export during the northern hemisphere summer be maintained and extended in line with the science.

The cruelty, suffering and death of 2500 sheep on the Awassi Express in 2017, which ultimately led to the prosecution of operator Emmanuel Exports, must never be repeated.

Animals are living, breathing, sentient beings. They are not cargo.

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