Ocean Reef Marina receives EPA approval – concerns remain

Hon Alison Xamon spoke today regarding the EPA’s recent decision to approve the Ocean Reef Marina development.

“I recognise that a marina project in this area has been highly anticipated by the community for a number of years,” she said, “however, we need to ensure that the very best environmental standards are applied.”

The Marina development will be taking place on Bush Forever Site 325 and in the Marmion Marine Park.

Ms Xamon said the land and water of the Marina development have long been held dear to not only the people who live near the coast, but to all Western Australians, which is why it is supposed to have special protections.

“The EPA has noted that the marina development will result in a loss of around 15% of the inshore reef in Marmion Marine Park.”

“This is one of the big concerns of the Abalone Divers Association, who estimate that a large proportion of the professional and recreational catch in the metropolitan area comes from this reef.”

Ms Xamon noted that the Public Environmental Review did not assess any of the land-based requirements of the marina and raised concerns that climate change and sea level rise need to be seriously considered.

“It is a great shame that the EPA has only done half the job,” she said. “The future of this site is too important to be treated so poorly and the full environmental implications need to be examined.”

Ms Xamon indicated that she would be contacting the Appeals Convenor.

image of the sea from above, a boat on the far left in deeper water leaves a small white wake