2340. Hon Alison Xamon to the Leader of the House representing the Premier:

I refer to the answer to my question without notice 104 regarding Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and to the Government’s recognition of the need for a broader state-wide approach to FASD, and I ask:

(a) does the Government intend to develop a whole-of-government plan or strategy to address FASD in Western Australia;

(b) if yes to (a):

(i) when is it anticipated the strategy with be finalised; and

(ii) who is being consulted in the development of the plan or strategy;

(c) if no to (a), why not; and

(d) if the Government has yet to determine whether its full response to the Coroner’s report on Aboriginal suicide will include the development of a strategy or plan to address FASD, when is it anticipated a decision on this matter will be made?

Hon Sue Ellery replied:

Department of the Premier and Cabinet

(a)–(d) The Government is currently developing a whole-of-government response to the coroner’s inquest into the 13 deaths of children and young people in the Kimberley region, of which six recommendations relate specifically to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The Government’s approach to FASD will be developed as part of the response to the coroner’s inquest.

The ‘whole-of-government’ response to the coroner’s inquest recommendations is intended for release in December 2019.


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