Greens renew call for Independent Schools Commission

Greens Member for North Metropolitan Region Alison Xamon MLC has today renewed her call for the establishment of an Independent Schools Commission.

Ms Xamon said strong community opposition to the McGowan Government’s plan to relocate Perth Modern School and re-brand it general intake demonstrated the pressing need for such a body.

“I said very clearly during the election campaign that for too long, decisions about the location of new schools and which ones would receive upgrades, had been made at political whim, with a clear view to winning votes,” Ms Xamon said.

 “This is not the way planning around public education should be made – and it is clear from the strong feelings within the community against the proposed relocation of Perth Mod, that the time for this is now.”

Ms Xamon said an Independent Schools Commission would determine where new schools should be built, which ones should be upgraded and catchment boundaries, independent of politics.

She said membership of the Independent Schools Commission could include senior apolitical figures such as representatives from the Department of Education, Treasury, and population analysts, and the Commission’s decisions would be based on sound evidence and official population projections. 

“Communities also have a right to be involved, and should be properly consulted,” Ms Xamon said.

“School funding should not be about politics, it should be about the best decision for our children – now and into the future.”

Ms Xamon will conclude her remarks regarding Perth Modern School and the need for an inner-city public high school, in the Legislative Council on Wednesday.