Greens call for full coronavirus lockdown 

Greens spokesperson for Health Hon Alison Xamon MLC has echoed calls by the Australian Greens for Australia to immediately follow New Zealand and put in place a full lockdown.

Ms Xamon said that a time limited lockdown in line with New Zealand’s Stage 4 measures, requiring everyone, except those providing essential services, to stay home, and only make physical contact with those they live with, would prevent deaths and reduce the longer term economic impact of the coronavirus.

"The McGowan Government, like the Morrison Government, has been coming out with confusing and inconsistent messaging particularly over the past week and the uncertainty is creating enormous distress within the community and particularly for those facing economic ruin. This needs to stop. People need clear guidance and I believe are prepared to take hard short term measures in order to limit the long term pain," said Ms Xamon.

"The longer it takes the Government to act, the longer it will take to reduce the spread of the virus, the greater the number of people infected, and the longer the impact on workers and businesses. We saw the necessary backflip on the issue of school closures, we need to see decisive action on this now.”

"If the Federal Government is acting too slowly, WA should take the lead."   

Ms Xamon said it was important the Government also increased the testing regime, so that the lockdown could be in place for the shortest time possible while cases of the virus were traced and further transmission prevented. 

"The lockdown must also be accompanied by adequate support for workers and vulnerable people, including financial support and a ban on evictions and foreclosures," said Ms Xamon.

"Going hard now will save lives."

"I call on the Premier to listen to the AMA and other expert groups, observe the leadership in countries like New Zealand and act now.”