End Intensive Factory Farming

Hens and free range eggs

The Greens have long championed the rights of animals whether our unique and endangered native animals, our companion friends that share our lives or the billions of farm animals all across Australia. All are sentient and all deserve the best possible lives free from cruelty and mistreatment.

The Greens support ending intensive factory farming where cruelty is common and near inevitable. In Australia today billions of chickens live short miserable lives in tiny cages or crowded buildings where they never see the light of day. Sensitive beaks are burnt or cut and day old male chicks are ground up alive. Survive and your destiny is to share a perch in a shed with tens of thousands of your fellow birds in an unnatural, crowded and stressful environment.    

Industrial egg and poultry production in Australia continues to prioritise profits ahead of animal welfare.  But there is a better way…

The Greens are committed to ending factory farming, improving animal welfare and supporting farmers who are producing food humanely.

Across Australia our MPs have been vocal in Parliaments and the community – standing up for the animals and consumers as well as a fair go for true free range farmers.

In 2017 the Greens campaigned against the Coalition government’s misleading egg labelling standards that changed the definition of free range to raise stocking densities from 1,500 hens per hectare up to 10,000 hens. This isn’t compatible with good animal welfare, doesn’t meet consumer expectations and is unfair to genuine free range producers.

With your support the Greens will actively work to:

Ban cage egg production and other cruel industrial poultry farming practices like de-beaking and forced moulting;

Enforce genuine free range standards;

Improve food labelling laws to clearly define genuine free range and cruelty-free products and penalise fraudsters ripping off consumers.