2702.   Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Corrective Services:

I refer to the Department of Justice Annual Report, page 26, final dot point regarding the establishment of a linked information system from juvenile community to detention, and I ask:

(a)  when is it anticipated this work will be finalised; and

(b)  how is it anticipated this data will be used, and by whom?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

(a)  Work is ongoing to streamline information sharing within the Department’s Total Offender Management Solution (TOMS) between juvenile community corrections and youth detention and includes the following:

Access to the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory 2.0 risk/needs assessment tool and Case Management Plan; this has been available from July 2017;

Access to Detention Summary Reports and Detention Management Reports; this has been available from September 2019;

Access to program assessments and program scheduling for young people at Banksia Hill Detention Centre (Banksia Hill); this is anticipated to be available from early 2020.

(b)  This information is available to all community-based Youth Justice Service staff and staff at Banksia Hill Detention Centre. Shared access to this information assists staff to provide coordinated and integrated assessments and case management interventions that address a young persons identified criminogenic needs.


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