1483. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Commerce and Industrial Relations:

I refer to the Minister’s commitment made in August 2017 that Consumer Protection would undertake a proactive investigation of retirement village contracts, and I ask:

(a)  has the investigation been completed;

(b)  if yes to (a), will the Minister please table the findings;

(c)  if no to (a), when is the investigation due to be finalised;

(d)  does the Minister intend to undertake broader legislative reform in relation to retirement villages as identified as part of the 2010 statutory review of the Retirement Villages Act 1992, and started through the Retirement Villages Act 2012;

(e)  if yes to (d), when; and

(f)  if no to (d), why not?

Hon Alannah MacTiernan replied:

(a)  No.

(b)  Not applicable.

(c)  Consumer Protection is continuing to proactively investigate retirement village contracts and assist residents. It does not have a finalisation date for this work. Consumer Protection intends to share its learnings with other consumer protection agencies.

(d)  Yes.

(e)  Consumer Protection is finalising a public consultation paper on issues arising from the statutory review and changes in the sector since that time. I expect the consultation paper to be released before the end of this calendar year.

(f)  Not Applicable.


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