3056. Hon Alison Xamon to the Leader of the House representing the Minister for Child Protection:

(1)  How many children are currently in, out of home care?

(2)  How many siblings groups are in, out of home care?

(3)  How many individual children from (2), are in a placement that does not include all of their siblings who are also in, out of home care?

(4)  How many children from (3), are Aboriginal?

Hon Sue Ellery replied:

(1)  As at 31 July 2020, there were 5,441 children in the CEO’s care.

(2)  Of these children, there were 1,430 sibling groups.

(3)  There were 2,422 children from 755 sibling groups where all of the siblings are not in the same placement.

There are many reasons why a full sibling group may not be in the same placement, including:

Families may include half siblings who may be of significantly different ages, from different lineage and geographical location which may mean separate placements are more appropriate.

Families may include a sibling or siblings in hospital, detention, or boarding school resulting in separate living arrangements.

It may be unsafe for certain siblings to be placed together, for example an older sibling may have problematic or dangerous behaviour, meaning it is unsafe for them to live with their siblings.

(4)  Of these 2,422 children, 1,537 children were Aboriginal.


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