Ban Greyhound Racing in WA

End this cruel practice

Greyhound racing is inherently cruel.  The industry relies on overbreeding of puppies and wastage (a polite term for the euthanasia of animals not suitable for racing) is rife.  Greyhounds that are chosen to race are subject to horrific track injuries that often result in euthanasia.

The Greens strongly believe that the way we treat animals must be sensitive, humane and compassionate.

Australia remains one of only eight countries in the world with a commercial greyhound racing industry, and Australia’s, unfortunately, is the biggest. Internationally meanwhile, the industry is in decline.

While the industry here has promised it will clean up its game, the only way we can be sure this ultimately occurs is to end greyhound racing. There is significant opposition to the use of greyhounds in racing across Australia. Organisations that advocate for animal welfare, such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Animals Australia and local grassroots groups like “Free the Hounds” have long called for reforms, if not outright abolition of this outdated and archaic activity.

We know that, across Australia, tens of millions of dollars in public money is handed over to the greyhound racing and gambling industry each year by states and territories in prize money for building new tracks and in tax breaks.

Like millions of ordinary Australians, we want to see greyhound racing banned on animal welfare grounds, and we do not want to see public money used to subsidise greyhound racing and gambling.