1306. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Transport:

I refer to the section of missing principal shared path (PSP) in Cottesloe between the Grant Street and North Fremantle train stations, and I ask:

(a)  have the Town of Cottesloe and Department of Transport been liaising for a number of years to construct a shared path in this section;

(b)  if yes to (a), from what date did these discussions begin;

(c)  was funding for works to complete or partially complete the section ever allocated;

(d)  in relation to (c), if yes:

(i)  in what year or month was a decision made to allocate the funds;

(ii)  how much money in dollars was allocated;

(iii)  for what specific work, in what location(s), were the funds allocated; and

(iv)  what were the proposed start and completion dates of the work;

(e)  is it true that at one point in the past, the Department of Transport was due to commence work to complete or partially complete this section in mid or late 2017;

(f)  if yes to (e):

(i)  in which specific month was the work due to start;

(ii)  in what year and month was the decision made to not proceed;

(iii)  why did it not proceed;

(iv)  was the funding re-allocated elsewhere; and

(v)  to what works and located in which suburb were the funds re-allocated;

(g)  if no to (e), can the Minister explain why the Town of Cottesloe has given this information to members of the public who have raised concern about the missing PSP in this section;

(h)  will the Minister please give details of any plans to improve safety for bike riders in this section, including specific works and timeframes; and

(i)  in relation to (h), if there are no plans, why not?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

(a)  Yes.

(b)      Grant Street to Jarrad Street – mid-2013

Jarrad Street to Victoria Station – mid-2016

Victoria Station to North Fremantle Station – Consultation with the Town is expected to commence mid-June 2018.

(c)  Yes.

(d)       (i) 2015

(ii) $5.195m

(iii) Construction of a 1.39 km principal shared path (PSP) from Grant Street to Cottesloe Station.

(iv) The work was never programmed into a schedule for construction.

(e)  No.

(f)  Not applicable.

(g)  The member will need to approach the Town of Cottesloe with this question.

(h)  The works to commence in 2018–19 will be to provide a PSP which will also include lighting and a grade separation (underpass) at Eric Street Bridge.

(i)  Not applicable.


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