1307. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Transport:

I refer to the section of missing principal shared path in Cottesloe between the Grant Street and North Fremantle train stations, and I ask:

(a)  in the absence of a shared path, will the Minister please give details of the route recommended by Department of Transport for people on bikes travelling between the two stations on their way further north or south;

(b)  does the Department of Transport (DOT) collect data on the number of bike accidents that have occurred in this section;

(c)  if yes to (b), will the Minister please provide that information;

(d)  if no to (b), why isn’t the DOT collecting this information;

(e)  has the DOT received complaints from the public about bike safety in this section; and

(f)  if yes to (e), will the Minister please list details?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

As part of the 2018–19 State Budget, $18.7 million in funding has been brought forward to start construction in this missing section of the Fremantle PSP in 2018–19.

(a)  Currently bike riders have two options. More experienced and confident riders can ride on the road between the two stations, or riders can use the existing path network in the area to ride between the two stations away from the road. The existing path network is predominantly on the western side of Curtin Avenue and is a 1.5m wide concrete path with multiple crossings at the side streets.

(b)  No.

(c)  Not applicable.

(d)  Data is collected by the WA Police and the Department of Health. The data is then passed to Main Roads for statistical analysis and then used by the Transport portfolio agencies to inform planning and investment decisions.

(e)  Yes.

(f)  DoT has received two complaints via its primary complaints management system regarding bike safety with particular reference to this section. Both complaints requested that the principal shared path be extended through the area.


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