Senate inquiry supports Greens push for industrial manslaughter laws

Greens spokesperson for Industrial Relations Hon Alison Xamon MLC today welcomed the release of the report of the Australian Parliament’s Senate Inquiry into the framework surrounding the prevention, investigation and prosecution of industrial deaths in Australia.

 “I am especially heartened to see that the committee’s recommendations support my long fought campaign for the need for industrial manslaughter laws in WA, she said.

 “It is a simple fact that currently there aren’t sufficient legislative provisions to act as a deterrent to prevent unnecessary workplace deaths in Western Australia or indeed, as this report shows, across most of the country except Queensland and the ACT.

 “Which is why I introduced a bill into Parliament last year that, if passed, would serve to make industrial manslaughter a crime, Ms Xamon said.

 “The sudden death of a loved one is absolutely devastating and changes the course of many lives.  It is particularly horrendous if the death could have been avoided or the risk was foreseen.  No worker’s life should ever be sacrificed in the pursuit of profit.

 “While it is clear that there is an urgent need for a whole range of reforms to make workplaces safer, there is no question that holding culpable employers personally responsible if their actions result in a death must be one of them.

 “Industrial manslaughter laws are within arm’s reach in Western Australia.  All that is needed now is for members of the government and opposition to take on board the findings of this report and support my industrial manslaughter bill as a matter of priority.