1288. Hon ALISON XAMON to the minister representing the Minister for Transport:

I refer to the Department of Transport’s commitment to continually strive to provide all Western Australians with improved access to transport services that best meet their needs.

(1)  Will the minister consider instigating an education campaign to raise awareness about the correct use of wheelchair spaces on buses on trains?

(2)  If no to (1), why not?

(3)  Will the minister initiate upgrades to infrastructure at major bus and train terminals to ensure that changes to the schedule and/or platforms are displayed visually as well as announced over loud speakers so that deaf passengers are also notified?

(4)  If no to (3), why not?


I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question.

(1)  Yes.

(2)  Not applicable.

(3)–(4) The Public Transport Authority currently uses a number of mediums to communicate with passengers, including those who are deaf or have other disabilities, at major bus and train terminals. These include the Transperth website, printed timetables and My Alert email messaging, which provides up-to-date information about the Transperth network in a visual form. Passenger information displays at major transport or station facilities and onboard train services have the capacity to visually communicate changes to the timetable and/or platforms as changes occur. These same messages are also announced over loud speaker. Transperth is also progressing its real-time tracking application, which allows all passengers to track their bus as it approaches a stop, and also to track the bus en route so that they are informed when they reach their desired bus stop. Transperth is hoping to launch this service during 2019.


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