Processes must be accessible, prompt and transparent in Commonwealth Redress Scheme: Greens

Greens spokesperson for Child Protection Hon Alison Xamon MLC has today urged the State Government to ensure processes are easily accessible, prompt and transparent, following the Premier’s commitment to signing up to the Commonwealth Redress Scheme and formal apology to WA survivors of child sexual abuse.

Ms Xamon said while she was pleased Western Australia had led the way by issuing a formal apology, it was crucial that the mistakes made in the operation of the WA Redress Scheme were not repeated.

She said it was also important that gaps in eligibility for Redress be addressed.   

“Today’s announcement and apology has been a long time coming,” Ms Xamon said.

“Nothing can undo the wrongs that were done to survivors of child sexual abuse but this does not mean that apologising for these wrongs is not worthwhile.

“The Greens, too, are truly sorry for the horrendous things that children in this state experienced while in the supposed care of trusted institutions.”

Ms Xamon said it was important to remember that an estimated 50% of WA Redress claimants will not be eligible under the Commonwealth Scheme because the abuse they suffered was not sexual abuseyet that the abuse those children had experienced had still had lifelong negative consequences.

She said she was pleased to hear that WA was working with the federal government to address concerns that survivors with criminal convictions may be denied access to redress. 

“We owe it to the survivors, and to the children of today and of the future, to wholeheartedly commit to addressing all of the recommendations of the Royal Commission, and to ensure the sexual abuse of children in trusted institutions in our state is never allowed to happen again,” Ms Xamon said.