North Metro Issues


HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [9.48 pm]: I rise tonight to speak about a number of local planning issues that are arising in the North Metropolitan Region. During the winter recess I was approached by a number of residents and community groups from different parts of my region who are quite concerned about the future of their neighbourhoods. Their concern is primarily about the management of infill within Perth. The Greens are very supportive of the principle of infill; it is an important strategy to prevent an ever-expanding Perth region.

Ocean Reef Marina

The proposed Ocean Reef marina development will be located on the narrow coastal Bush Forever site 325 and in the Class-A reserve Marmion Marine Park. There is a major abalone reef just to the north of the marina and reason to be concerned about the impact of the development on that reef. It is therefore imperative that best environmental practice be strictly adhered to through all stages of the design and build process.


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