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Auditor General damning of WA Mental Health system: Greens

The Greens spokesperson for Mental Health the Hon Alison Xamon MLC is dismayed, but certainly not surprised, by the findings of the Access to State-Managed Adult Mental Health Services report released by the Auditor General today.

“The report paints a damning picture of a disjointed State funded mental health care system, that is out of touch with how people use services, resulting in an inefficient system that heavily relies on crisis style care.


Second Reading

Resumed from 27 June.

Comments and speeches from various members

HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [9.07 pm]: I rise as the lead speaker on behalf of the Greens to indicate that we are also very happily supporting the Police Amendment (Medical Retirement) Bill 2019. I agree with the previous speakers who have indicated that it is not before time that we are finally looking at this amendment.


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