1201. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Police:

For each year from 2012–2017, will the Minister please advise:

(a)  the number of complaints made against police;

(b)  the number subject to internal investigation;

(c)  in relation to (b), the number resulting in adverse findings against police;

(d)  in relation to (a), the number subject to external investigation; and

(e)  for any complaints subject to external investigation, will the Minister please advise:

(i)  which body undertook the investigation;

(ii)  the outcome of the investigation; and

(iii)  how many investigations resulted in adverse findings against police?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

(a)–(e) The Western Australia Police Force advise that

in 2012 there were 1068 complaints made against police,

in 2013 there were 1211,

in 2014 there were 1194,

in 2015 there were 1292,

in 2016 there were 1324 and

in 2017 there were 1294.

All complaints against police are investigated internally, with adverse findings against police in

128 cases in 2012,

121 cases in 2013,

110 cases in 2014,

113 cases in 2015,

118 cases in 2016,

and 62 cases in 2017.

External investigations are carried out by the Corruption and Crime Commission, and questions relating to external investigations should be directed to the CCC.


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