HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [5.25 pm]: I rise this evening to briefly discuss the proposed Ocean Reef marina project that is in my electorate of North Metropolitan Region. Over the parliamentary sitting break, the revised memorandum of understanding between LandCorp and the City of Joondalup was endorsed by the City of Joondalup. The Ocean Reef marina, which was the subject of election promises by both the then Liberal–National government and the Labor Party, is to be located on both land and sea that has already been recognised as being environmentally important on a regional basis. That is because the marina is intended to be located on Bush Forever site 325 and Marmion Marine Park, which is an A-class reserve. That means that there are two different environmental approval processes in play concurrently. The Western Australian Planning Commission is dealing with a metropolitan region scheme amendment to make the marina possible—MRS amendment 1270-41, which is proposing to remove the Bush Forever classification from 25.96 hectares of land. The Environmental Protection Authority provided advice on the clearing of 19.5 hectares of land and the advice to Parliament on 10 May 2016 is that the area of proposed clearing had been further reduced to 16.79 hectares.

A negotiated planning outcome is being developed as part of the changes to the Bush Forever site. Effectively, this will mean offsets, which, as we know, result in a net loss of environmental value to the community. The EPA is dealing with the proposed infringement on the A-class marine reserve through a full public environmental review. I note that neither process has been completed, although it has been more than a year since public submissions closed for both of those processes. One of things I want to note and one of my regular concerns when it comes to dealing with LandCorp projects is that despite the environmental significance of the site, there was nothing in the MOU to recognise the destruction that is going to result, which effectively has to occur in order for the project to go ahead. Instead, I am going to note that it was Joondalup city council that addressed this fundamental failure to recognise the unique environmental values of the site. Rather than potentially delay the signing of the MOU, the council added a resolution that requests the city to liaise with LandCorp and request it to pursue development parameters that will deliver world-class sustainable built form at the Ocean Reef marina. I am also calling on LandCorp to prioritise world-class sustainable and environmentally sensitive design at this site. Considering that the marina is going ahead, I am seeing this as an opportunity to see whether it can be done right—to see whether best practice can possibly be employed at this site. I know that LandCorp is capable of designing environmentally sensitive, forward-thinking and creative projects, and the project that comes to mind would be White Gum Valley. However, LandCorp, unfortunately, in my experience, is also capable of completely ignoring community sentiment and pushing ahead with environmentally destructive clearing where it is not necessary and where it is not even wanted. An example of that is the issue that I keep raising in this place—the plans for the Montario Quarter on the Shenton Park rehabilitation hospital site, which is really frustrating, because we could have a win–win solution there, but people are just being bloody-minded about it.

The Minister for Planning and the Minister for Environment, I would suggest, need to keep a really close eye on what is happening with all stages of this project, because, as I say, it could end up being pretty good if it is handled well from the outset.

Hon Stephen Dawson: Is this the marina?

Hon ALISON XAMON: This is the marina I am talking about. I feel really strongly that creating the best possible environmental outcomes must be baked into every stage of the design process, particularly because we are talking about really environmentally sensitive areas, or recognised important environmental sites. It is going to be the responsibility of those ministers to ensure that this happens. I thought that, early on in this process, I would make it clear to this chamber that this is something that we should be trying to get right from the outset. It is an issue that I am going to be paying very close attention to, and I also know that quite a number of residents out that way are paying attention to it as well. I am hoping that we can do it well.

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