1753. Hon Alison Xamon to the parliamentary secretary representing the Deputy Premier; Minister for Health; Mental Health:

I refer to Western Australia Health’s service contract with Parkinson’s Western Australia for four full time equivalent Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists which expires on 30 June 2019, and I ask:

(a)  will Western Australia Health be renewing their service contract with Parkinson’s Western Australia to ensure this valuable service continues beyond June 2019;

(b)  if no to (a), why not;

(c)  if yes to (a), will funding be maintained to ensure Parkinson’s Western Australia are able to continue to employ 4 nurses; and

(d)  if no to (c), please advise of the Government intentions in relation to funding Parkinson’s Western Australia Nurse Specialists?

Hon Alanna Clohesy replied:

I am advised that:

(a) No decision has been made at this time. In accordance with best practice contract management, a review of the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service will be conducted by the Department of Health in 2019, to assess the effectiveness of the service in meeting requirements and achieving desired community outcomes. The review is expected to be completed by April 2019, following which a decision will be made on the future plans for this service.

(b)–(d) Not applicable.


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