1723. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Corrective Services:

I refer to the Inspector of Custodial Services’ report of the 2017 Inspection of Melaleuca Remand and Reintegration Facility, and to the Inspector’s recommendations regarding ensuring programs delivered at the prison are recognised by the Prisoner’s Review Board, and I ask:

(a)  how many programs are currently delivered at the prison;

(b)  how many of the programs currently delivered at the prison are recognised by the Prisoner’s Review Board;

(c)  how many women in the prison have been eligible for parole in 2018 to date;

(d)  how many of the women from (c) had a parole application denied; and

(e)  in how many of the cases, where a parole application was denied, was the failure to complete recognised programs in prison a factor?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

(a)  9

(b)  Nil – Melaleuca delivers a range of programs, including those which are focused on a prisoner’s offending behaviour, including drug and alcohol use. Prisoners with effective sentences of six months or more (and therefore who are eligible for the Department’s clinical intervention programs suite) are assessed and transferred to Bandyup Women’s Prison to receive these if suitable/required. Prisoners with shorter sentences or who are not assessed as requiring the Department’s clinical intervention programs remain at Melaleuca and are assessed for suitability to be place into one or more of Melaleuca’s program suite.

(c)  37

(d)  16

(e)  9

Information correct as at 30 October 2018.


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