212. Hon Alison Xamon to the Minister for Environment:

I refer to the draft Negotiated Planning Outcome originally prepared for the City of Joondalup as part of the proposed Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1270/41 and specifically the references to two sites deemed suitable by the Department of Parks and Wildlife as offsets for the proposed loss of 16.79 hectares of Bush Forever site 325, and I ask:

(a) for each site under consideration, will the Minister please advise:

(i) the size of the site;

(ii) the distance from Bush Forever site 325; and

(iii) the vegetation complex(es) and quality of vegetation; and

(b) will the Minister please advise how the ongoing management and maintenance of each site would be funded?

Hon Stephen Dawson replied:

(a)       (i) The sites under consideration through the process of developing the negotiated planning outcomes included a site adjacent to the Yanchep National Park and three sites north of Seabird. The site adjacent to Yanchep National Park is 53.79 hectares and the sites north of Seabird are 302 hectares, 363 hectares and 656 hectares.

(ii) The Yanchep site is 17 kilometres from Bush Forever Site 325 (BF 325) and the Seabird sites are approximately 62 kilometres from BF 325.

(iii) The Yanchep site contains vegetation complexes described in the Swan Coastal Plain Vegetation Complexes Dataset (SCPVCD) as Cottesloe Complex Central and South.

The sites to the north of Seabird are identified in the SCPVCD as the Quindalup Complex.

Vegetation condition mapping and assessment of the sites has not been undertaken. However, visual observations of the sites by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions report that they are minimally disturbed and the vegetation is likely to be in excellent to pristine condition.

(b) The draft negotiated planning outcome makes provisions for $100,000 to be allocated for the ongoing maintenance and management of the sites once acquired.


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