Banksia Hill allegations appalling but not surprising: Greens

Greens spokesperson for Corrective Services Hon Alison Xamon MLC has today called on the Government to take urgent action to investigate the serious allegations of mistreatment and potential torture of teenagers held in Banksia Hill Detention Centre.

Ms Xamon said that unfortunately while today’s news is heartbreaking it is not surprising.  Only last year the chief inspector released a damning report into the Banksia Hill Detention Centre detailing fundamental failings in the operation of the facility. 

“Holding young people in isolation for extended periods is wrong by any measure – it is not only cruel but also ineffective - the evidence is clear that isolation practices escalate tensions and undermine rehabilitation.

“There is no doubt we must overhaul the way we manage young people in prisons.  If the Government follows through on plans to move youth justice to the Department of Communities, today’s allegations provide further compelling reason for why Banksia Hill Detention Centre must also be part of that move.” Ms Xamon said

“A youth justice system modelled on adult prisons is a recipe for disaster, children are fundamentally different from adults and this knowledge should guide evidence based practices into their rehabilitation.

“If we want safer facilities and safer communities, we must move away from these harmful practices and instead offer children and young people an opportunity to turn their lives around.